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Mechanical vacuum pump exhaust filters should not be mounted directly to the vacuum pump discharge. They should be piped a minimum of 6 feet above the pump to insure the condensing of oil in the riser, and not premature wetting out of the element causing blockage.

If the installation involves long piping beyond the filter , be sure the friction loss due to piping was taken into account when sizing the vacuum pump exhaust system. The maximum temperature limit of a standard filter is 200 F.

The filter may be installed indoors or out. Air flow through the filter element is typically inside to outside. The inlet connection of the filter is on the bottom. The outlet is on the side or top. A drain connection is sometimes located on the bottom of the unit for draining oil from the housing .

When extended distances of pipe are used to remove vapors from a vacuum pump, the addition of mechanical draft of some type is recommended. This will assure the proper removal of gasses through the mechanical pump exhaust filter and away from the pump.

Back pressure at the exhaust of the vacuum pump can cause excessive pressure and the condensing of process contaminates in the vacuum fluid.




It is recommended that the exhaust of the pump be piped horizontally a short distance then tied into a vertical exhaust pipe. This vertical exhaust pipe should have a downward leg of at least 1 ft. This leg would be terminated with a cap or a drain cock to allow the removal of moisture and contaminated oil before it is returned to the pump oil reservoir.

The riser should then be connected to the Oil Mist Eliminator. It is recommended that the vessel drain be connected to a flexible line and allowed to gravity drain to a separate container.

The exhaust pipe should be no smaller than the exhaust outlet of the pump and as short as possible. Run the pipe outside the building where the pump exhaust vapors will not be objectionable. When running exhaust lines over 20 feet from filter unit always install a small fan or turbine at the outlet of the line to draw the vapors away from the pump.

The pump alone will not move vapors long distances. When connecting multiple pumps to a common exhaust line and always size the main line accordingly.